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Rebecca Knitting Magazine No. 93

Rebecca Knitting Magazine No. 93

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Good designs for you: handicraft projects that bring joy

Discover the world of handcraft with Rebecca models

We don't have any "must-haves", just "most wanted". The Rebecca models are specially made to bring you joy - both when knitting or crocheting and when wearing them. Handcrafting as a hobby offers you the unique advantage of benefiting twice over. First, you enjoy your knitting or crocheting time, which many people find wonderfully relaxing. It helps to get away from everyday life and achieve a meditative flow. Others look for challenging knitting patterns, work with high concentration and immerse themselves deeply in the world of stitches. Handcrafting is therefore not only a creative outlet, but also a perfect balance to everyday digital life.

The process and the result: double happiness

When it comes to handcraft, the journey is the destination. The process of knitting or crocheting itself makes you happy. In the second step, you then have a great result in your hands. You are proud of what you have created and are happy to have a new, homemade item of clothing in your wardrobe. So the only question that remains is which project you want to tackle next.

Inspiration for your next project

We have some great suggestions for you:

Airy, light hole patterns

Perfect for feminine sweaters and a great crochet shawl. These designs are ideal for warmer days and add a light, elegant touch to your outfit.

Versatile cardigans and jackets in Scandi style

Opt for casual and versatile designs that reflect Scandinavian style. These pieces are not only fashionable but also incredibly comfortable.

Models in blue

Go for the moon and knit one of our models in this calming and elegant color. These designs are timeless and suitable for many occasions.

Comfortable feel-good designs

If you want to focus on relaxation, our feel-good designs in the country love theme are just right for you. These pieces are designed to offer maximum comfort and make you feel good in every situation.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crafter, you're sure to find the right project for you among our Rebecca designs. Each design is designed to bring you joy - from the first cast-on to the last thread. Get inspired and start your next craft project today!

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Rebecca knitting magazine has been delighting knitting fans with modern, stylish and creative designs for over 30 years. Each issue presents a variety of projects, from fashionable clothing to accessories, accompanied by detailed instructions and inspiring images. Rebecca stands for innovative patterns and high-quality materials, perfect for knitting enthusiasts of all levels. The magazine is an indispensable source of inspiration for trend-conscious knitting lovers.

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