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ggh Wolle

Ribbed hat

Ribbed hat

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Knitting instructions for a two-coloured hat in rib pattern

For the ribbed pattern of the two-tone hat, one round in the first color and one round in the second color are knitted alternately. This alternating color change creates a harmonious and lively striped pattern that gives the hat a special depth and structure. The hat starts with a wide cuff that not only ensures a good fit, but also rounds off the design.

The wide cuff is knitted in the classic rib pattern, which is characterized by its elastic properties and thus ensures a comfortable fit. This rib pattern, combined with the two-tone knitting, makes the hat a fashionable and functional accessory that offers both warmth and style.

The choice of colors can be customized to reflect personal preferences or to match your existing wardrobe. Whether contrasting colors for a striking statement or harmonious tones for a subtle look - the design options are diverse.

This hat is not only a practical piece of clothing for cold days, but also an exciting project for knitting lovers who enjoy working with colors and patterns. Knitting in two colors requires a little skill, but also offers the opportunity to learn new techniques and expand your skills.

The manual is only available in German!


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ggh Wolle stands for high-quality, versatile and colorful hand-knitting yarns from northern Germany. With a wide range of materials such as merino wool, cotton and silk, ggh Wolle offers perfect and high-quality yarns for every knitting project. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the yarns are characterized by exceptional quality, innovative colors and soft textures. For over 30 years, ggh Wolle has inspired creative minds worldwide and set standards in the knitting world. Ideal for fashion, accessories and home textiles

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