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ggh Wolle

ggh Sportlife | Virgin wool | 80m/50g | 030 - Cinnamon sugar

ggh Sportlife | Virgin wool | 80m/50g | 030 - Cinnamon sugar

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Discover the versatility of ggh Sportlife: High-quality knitting wool for creative projects

Knitting is more than just a hobby - it's a passion that combines creativity and craftsmanship. With the right wool, you can take your projects to a new level. This is where ggh Sportlife knitting wool comes into play, a high-quality yarn line from ggh Wolle that was specially developed for discerning knitting enthusiasts.

What makes ggh Sportlife special?

1. Material quality

ggh Sportlife is made from a carefully selected blend of high-quality fibers. This yarn is made from 100% sheep's wool, which is known for its softness, warmth and durability.

2. Versatility

Whether you want to knit sweaters, scarves, hats or home textiles - ggh Sportlife is suitable for a wide range of projects. Thanks to the medium yarn thickness, it is easy to work with and is ideal for patterns such as braids, lace patterns and colour patterns. The even thread tension always ensures an even knitting pattern.

3. Variety of colors

Another highlight of ggh Sportlife is the impressive range of colours. From soft pastel shades to strong, vibrant colours to classic, neutral shades, ggh Sportlife offers the right colour for every taste and every project. This variety allows knitters to let their creativity run wild and create unique, individual pieces.

4. Easy to care for

ggh Sportlife yarns are machine washable, which makes it much easier to care for your knitted items. This means your knitted items will stay beautiful for a long time and retain their shape and color, even after many washes.

Knitting projects with ggh Sportlife

The versatility of ggh Sportlife opens up endless possibilities for knitting projects. Here are some ideas to spark your inspiration:

  • Sweaters and cardigans: The soft merino wool ensures comfortable wear and keeps you warm at the same time.
  • Accessories: Knit cozy scarves, hats and gloves that will keep you warm on cold days.
  • Baby clothing: Due to its softness and skin-friendliness, ggh Sportlife is ideal for delicate baby skin.
  • Blankets and pillows: Create cozy home accessories that add a personal touch to your home.


With ggh Sportlife, ggh Wolle is launching a yarn that impresses with its outstanding quality, versatility and variety of colors. It is the ideal choice for knitters who value high-quality materials and a beautiful knitting result. Let yourself be inspired by ggh Sportlife and start your next knitting project with a yarn that leaves nothing to be desired.

Discover the world of ggh Sportlife and experience knitting pleasure at the highest level!


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