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ggh Merino Deluxe - 300g set (6x50g) - 022 - dark blue

ggh Merino Deluxe - 300g set (6x50g) - 022 - dark blue

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The "ggh Merino Deluxe" yarn is an excellent choice for knitting enthusiasts who value quality, versatility and comfort. With an impressive running length of 125 meters per ball, this yarn positions itself as an ideal standard yarn that is perfect for both ambitious large-scale projects and smaller crafts. The yarn's balanced strength and texture make it an all-rounder for a variety of knitting projects - from soft, cozy sweaters and cardigans to elegant scarves and hats to decorative home textiles.

The composition of the "ggh Merino Deluxe" yarn promises not only excellent processing quality, but also a pleasant feel that flatters even sensitive skin. Merino wool, known for its softness and warmth, also offers excellent temperature regulation, meaning garments and accessories made with this yarn can be worn in any season. In addition, the high quality of the fibers ensures that your knitted items retain their shape and color intensity even after frequent wear and washing.

The wide range of available colors of "ggh Merino Deluxe" allows you to let your creativity run wild and realize individual, colorful projects. Whether you choose soft pastels, bold colors or classic natural tones, this yarn will meet the aesthetic needs of any knitting project.

Overall, "ggh Merino Deluxe" with its optimal running length, the high quality of the merino wool and the diverse selection of colors is an indispensable yarn for everyone who wants to realize their knitting projects with joy and passion. It combines comfort and style in a way that will delight both experienced knitters and beginners.


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