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ggh Wolle

GGH Lacy | Merino wool with silk | 25g - 170m | 018 - Brown

GGH Lacy | Merino wool with silk | 25g - 170m | 018 - Brown

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"ggh Lacy" from ggh Wolle represents the ultimate interplay of elegance and quality, carefully created from a finely balanced blend of high-quality merino wool and fine silk. This yarn sets a new standard for knitting projects that want to combine both luxury and comfort.

With a ball weight of just 25 grams, it is surprisingly light, yet surprisingly productive, and is ideal for delicate knitting work that requires a fine texture and delicate touch.

The Merino wool in "ggh Lacy" comes from specially selected Merino sheep, known for their extremely soft and fine fibers, valued not only for their insulating properties but also for their ability to absorb and wick away skin moisture. This guarantees that knitted items made from this yarn offer excellent comfort in every season. They keep you warm in winter without overheating and keep you pleasantly cool in summer.

The silk that is added to the yarn not only gives the knitted pieces an incomparable shimmer and shine, but also the added strength and durability that silk naturally brings. This material is known for its smooth surface that minimizes friction and therefore reduces the risk of pilling, increasing the longevity and aesthetic quality of the finished pieces.

The color spectrum of the "ggh Lacy" collection is carefully selected to suit a wide range of tastes and projects, from soft pastels to deep, saturated colors. Each shade is designed to highlight the natural beauty of the fiber blend and add a touch of sophistication to each knitted piece.

Whether for delicate lace patterns, light sweaters or elegant accessories, "ggh Lacy" offers knitting enthusiasts the opportunity to work with exceptional yarn quality that turns every project into a work of art. It is the ideal choice for those who seek an expression of luxury and quality in their handicrafts without compromising functionality and comfort.


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