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ggh Wolle

ggh Husky Box | 300g Set (6x50g) – 038 – Sequoia brown

ggh Husky Box | 300g Set (6x50g) – 038 – Sequoia brown

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The "ggh Husky" knitting wool is the perfect choice for anyone who likes it particularly warm and cozy. This yarn from the renowned GGH company impresses with its particularly thick texture and its incredible softness, which makes it ideal for the coldest months of the year.

Product features of "ggh Husky":

Material: "ggh Husky" is made from high-quality fibers that provide excellent thermal insulation without being heavy. The yarn is robust and pleasantly soft on the skin, perfect for sensitive skin types.

Knitting properties: Thanks to the thickness of the yarn, projects can be completed particularly quickly and efficiently. "ggh Husky" is ideal for beginners as larger stitches are easier to handle and small mistakes are easier to hide.

Versatility: Whether you want to knit thick sweaters, warm hats, scarves or even blankets, "ggh Husky" is a versatile choice that is suitable for a variety of projects. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also give each piece a beautiful, textured look.

Colour range: Available in a wide range of colours, from deep, rich tones to soft pastels, "ggh Husky" offers numerous possibilities for creative knitting ideas. Each colour has been carefully selected to add character and depth to your knitting.

With "ggh Husky" you bring warmth, comfort and stylish texture to your knitting projects. It is the ideal choice for those who want to achieve impressive results quickly without compromising on quality. Let your creativity run wild with this wonderfully thick and soft yarn, specially developed for the cold season


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