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ElbSox Pier 4 | 100g sock yarn | 010 - Dawn

ElbSox Pier 4 | 100g sock yarn | 010 - Dawn

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ElbSox Pier 4: Maritime elegance in 10 colours

Experience the maritime atmosphere of Hamburg with the single-coloured sock yarn "ElbSox Pier 4". This high-quality yarn, inspired by the traditional Hanseatic city, brings the flair of the harbour straight to your home. Whether for cosy evenings by the fireplace or relaxed walks along the Elbe, "ElbSox Pier 4" is the perfect companion for every occasion.

With a palette of ten carefully selected colors, "ElbSox Pier 4" reflects the diversity and beauty of the Hamburg harbor. From the deep blue of the North Sea water to the brilliant white of the sails - each color tells its own story. Be inspired by the variety of colors and choose from:

  1. Anchor Black – A deep, rich black that symbolizes the strength and durability of the anchors in the harbor basins.
  2. Shell White – A pure, brilliant white that captures the elegance and purity of the shells on the beaches of the North Sea.
  3. Deep Sea Blue – An intense blue that reflects the unfathomable depths of the North Sea.
  4. Sea Green – A fresh, vibrant green inspired by the shimmering waves of the sea.
  5. Lighthouse Red – A bright red reminiscent of the distinctive lighthouses along the coast.
  6. Rust Orange – A warm, earthy orange that embodies the patina of old dockside cranes and warehouses.
  7. Sand beige – A soft beige tone inspired by the wide sandy beaches of the North Sea coast.
  8. Seaweed Green – A vibrant green that reflects the colors of the seaweed in the intertidal zones.
  9. Sky blue – A clear, bright blue that captures the wide, endless sky above the Elbe.
  10. Dawn – A delicate pink that reflects the gentle hues of the sunrise over the harbor.

"ElbSox Pier 4" impresses not only with its variety of colors, but also with its outstanding quality. Made from a soft, durable blend, it offers maximum comfort and durability. Whether for cozy socks, warm sweaters or creative knitting projects - this wool will meet all your needs.

Immerse yourself in the maritime flair of Hamburg with every single strand of the "ElbSox Pier 4". Let your creativity run wild and create unique knitted pieces that reflect the beauty and tradition of the Hanseatic city. Bring a piece of Hamburg home and make a stylish statement with the single-colored sock yarn "ElbSox Pier 4".


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ElbSox offers first-class sock knitting wool that impresses with its outstanding quality and variety. Made in Germany, ElbSox combines soft, durable materials with bright colors and fashionable designs. The yarns are perfect for warm, long-lasting socks and ensure maximum comfort. With a wide range of color gradients and patterns, ElbSox inspires knitting enthusiasts to create creative projects. Ideal for individual, hand-knitted socks.

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