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addi needle gauge

addi needle gauge

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Addi needle gauge – The indispensable tool for every knitting lover

The Addi needle sizer is an essential tool for anyone who loves knitting. With this handy tool, you can easily determine the size of your knitting needles and ensure that you always use the right needles for your project. Find out everything you need to know about the Addi needle sizer and how it can improve your knitting experience.

What is the Addi needle size?

The Addi needle gauge is a handy and easy-to-use tool that was specially developed to precisely measure the thickness of knitting needles. It is made of robust plastic and offers various hole sizes that correspond to the most common needle thicknesses. Regardless of whether you use circular knitting needles, double-pointed needles or single needles, with the Addi needle gauge you can quickly and reliably determine the exact thickness of your needles.

Why is the Addi needle size so important?

When knitting, it is crucial to use the correct needle size to achieve the desired stitch pattern and the correct size of the finished project. With the Addi needle sizer you can ensure that you always have the right needle size to hand. This is especially useful when the markings on the needles have faded or are no longer legible. Simply passing the needle through the corresponding holes of the needle sizer gives you instant certainty.

Advantages of the Addi needle gauge

  1. Easy to use: The Addi needle gauge is user-friendly and intuitive to use. Even beginners can determine the needle size quickly and precisely.
  2. Compact and lightweight: Thanks to its compact design, the needle gauge fits in any knitting bag and is ideal for on the go.
  3. Robust and durable: Made of high-quality plastic, the Addi needle gauge is durable and resilient.
  4. Versatile: It is suitable for all types of knitting needles and covers the most common needle sizes.

How to use the Addi needle sizer?

Using the Addi needle gauge is extremely simple. Choose the needle whose size you want to determine and guide it through the holes in the needle gauge. The size of the hole through which the needle fits without resistance indicates the needle size. This way you can quickly and easily find the right needle size and continue with your knitting project.

Conclusion: A must-have for knitting enthusiasts

The Addi needle gauge is an indispensable tool for anyone who knits. It offers a simple and precise method to determine the needle size and thus achieve optimal results in your knitting projects. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the Addi needle gauge should not be missing from your knitting accessories.


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Addi stands for first-class handicraft tools "Made in Germany" and is known worldwide for its high-quality knitting and crochet needles. For over 190 years, Addi has combined tradition with innovation and offers products that impress with their precision, durability and comfort. The wide product range includes needles made of various materials such as metal, bamboo and plastic, ideal for all handicraft projects. Addi is the first choice for demanding knitting and crochet fans.

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