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addi stitch markers

addi stitch markers

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Addi stitch markers – your indispensable helper for precise knitting

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The Addi stitch marker is the perfect tool to make your knitting project more efficient and accurate. These small but extremely useful helpers ensure that you always keep track of everything and never lose a stitch by accident. Discover how the Addi stitch marker can improve your knitting experience.

What is an Addi stitch marker?

An Addi stitch marker is a practical little tool that has been specially developed to mark certain places in your knitting project. Whether you want to mark the beginning of a round, increases, decreases or pattern changes - with the Addi stitch markers you always keep track of everything. These markers are available in different shapes and colors so that you can easily recognize and distinguish them.

Why are Addi stitch markers important?

When knitting complex patterns or projects, it is often difficult to keep track of everything. This is where Addi stitch markers come into play. They help you mark important points in your knitting so that you don't have to constantly count or rely on your memory. This not only makes your knitting project easier, but also much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Advantages of Addi stitch markers

  1. Easy to use: The Addi stitch markers are easy to attach and remove without damaging your knitted piece.
  2. Versatility: They are suitable for a variety of projects and can be used anywhere you need markings.
  3. Different colors and shapes: The different colors and shapes allow you to easily distinguish between different markings.
  4. High quality: Made from sturdy material, Addi stitch markers are durable and reusable.

How to use the Addi stitch markers

Using the Addi stitch markers is extremely easy. Place the markers in the desired place in your knitted piece by simply sliding them over the needle or hooking them into the stitch. You can move or remove them at any time without damaging the knitted piece. Use them to mark the beginning of a round, pattern changes, increases or decreases and always keep track of everything.

Conclusion: A must-have for knitting enthusiasts

The Addi stitch markers are an indispensable tool for every knitting fan. They offer a simple and effective way to organize your knitting project and avoid mistakes. Whether you're a beginner or a professional - these little helpers should not be missing from your knitting accessories.


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Addi stands for first-class handicraft tools "Made in Germany" and is known worldwide for its high-quality knitting and crochet needles. For over 190 years, Addi has combined tradition with innovation and offers products that impress with their precision, durability and comfort. The wide product range includes needles made of various materials such as metal, bamboo and plastic, ideal for all handicraft projects. Addi is the first choice for demanding knitting and crochet fans.

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