Collection: Circular knitting needles

Everything you need to know about circular knitting needles: The ultimate guide

Circular knitting needles are an essential tool for many knitting enthusiasts who want to take their craft to the next level. These special needles offer a variety of benefits that make them a preferred choice for numerous knitting projects.

What are circular knitting needles?

Circular knitting needles consist of two short needles connected by a flexible cable. This design allows you to knit in the round without having to change needles, which is particularly useful for larger projects such as sweaters, blankets or scarves. The needles come in different lengths and diameters, making them suitable for a wide range of projects.

Advantages of circular knitting needles

  1. Flexibility and versatility: Circular knitting needles are not only suitable for knitting in the round, but also for flat projects. The flexible cable can accommodate a large number of stitches, which is especially helpful for large projects.

  2. Ergonomic knitting: Since the weight of the project is on the cable and not on the needles, the strain on the wrists and shoulders is reduced. This allows for longer and more comfortable knitting.

  3. Seamless projects: Circular knitting needles allow you to create seamless knits, which is especially beneficial for garments. Seamless projects not only look more professional, but are also more comfortable to wear.

  4. Space-saving and portable: Compared to long, straight needles, circular knitting needles are more compact and easier to carry. They easily fit into a handbag or backpack, allowing you to knit anywhere.

Tips for using circular knitting needles

  • Choose the right length: The length of the circular needle should match the size of the project. For hats or small circular projects, shorter cables (40 cm) are ideal, while for larger projects such as blankets, longer cables (80-100 cm) are more suitable.

  • Magic Loop Technique: If the circular knitting needle is too long for a small project, the Magic Loop Technique can be used. This involves pulling the cable out in the middle of the project to knit smaller rounds.

  • Material and coating: Circular knitting needles come in different materials such as wood, metal and plastic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wooden and bamboo needles are light and warm to the hand, while metal needles are smooth and fast.

  • Control tension: When knitting with circular needles, it is important to keep the tension of the stitches even, especially at the transitions between the needles and the cable. Uneven knitting can lead to unsightly transitions.


Circular knitting needles are a versatile and practical tool for any knitting enthusiast. They offer numerous benefits, from ergonomic knitting to seamless projects, and are suitable for both beginners and experienced knitters. With the right techniques and the right needle length, you can create beautiful knitted pieces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Try circular knitting needles and discover the many possibilities offered by this wonderful tool.